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We started Black Creek Candle Company in March of 2021 as a labor of love for our family.  Both working full time jobs and having two kids, we started looking for a simpler life and escape from the craziness we were feeling every day. 

We started making candles...and testing candles...lots of candles.  It was important to us that our products be safe for our home and family, and for yours.  Turns out that creating candles became a place that brought us together and helped us sneak out of the craziness for a little bit. 


We kept at it and decided to see if we could create something a little bigger that could help others find a moment of enjoyment and simplicity in their day.  On top of candles, we started doing wax melts, soaps, body scrubs, and body butters and love our line of products. We hope you do to. 

We appreciate that you stopped by and are here if you have any questions. Don't hesitate to give us a call (608.444.0395) or send us a message.

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